results – activity level symbol and new wousle poll

February 9, 2009

One of our last polls on weblin interactive was about the top activity level symbol after the saphire. If you never saw a saphire until now – look at this post.

The result was clear:
More than 50% voted for the red ruby. Emerald (green) and Diamond (white) both received 15%. Other suggestions for a whole new icon were a crown or a halo.

In my opinion a ruby would suit very well to a weblin – but who will get it the first time in about… 24 months? Celine and miraclelady look at the moment like they would have a “brilliant” duel but my insider tip is that it won’t come to a decision without considering Macr@softs final spurt.

Find our new poll in the sidebar and let’s talk about wousling from now on!


what is wousling and the wousleday?

February 4, 2009

Weblin’s Wousleday is the most important event after our birthday. At this day the best wouslers and wouslees will be honored with special coins.

There is only one Wousleday per year and only 20 coins to earn – making these coins being very rare trophies.

But what is wousling, how do you wousle and why should you know about it?

You can wousle others, if you hit the button for wousling on other weblin profiles and you can wousle anytime you meet somebody on a website by right-clicking their avatar and hitting “wousle”. Wousling is one of the famous features in weblin.

Other weblins will get a toaster message in the lower right corner if they get wousled. Wousling is never bad, it is the most decent way to say hello to anyone. They could be friends or innocents.

The top 10 wouslers and wousled ones appear in the “Toplins” site at but wousling never increases your activity points.

Some people say 3 wousles per minute are not enough. What do you think? Should we make other things like wousling just with other messages? The next Wousleday is February 19th 2009.

discussion – ads in weblin

January 27, 2009

If you read Joey Seiler’s story on Virtual Worlds News about upcoming things in weblin carefully. You won’t have missed the info about layered ads too.

Ads like in the screen above will rarely appear as a small extra box while using weblin. They are not animated or blinking. You can close them in the upper right corner of their green borders and they auto-disappear usually after a short time.

Everyone who doesn’t like them should consider that weblin stays to be a free service for all users since nearly two years and the ads will show up only a few times per session. We also show “helpful” banners which are leading to info sections of weblin to offer more information about the features of our software.

Anyway – this is our feedback section and you are invited to comment our business model.

P.S.: An extra article about selling virtual goods will follow.

news about upcoming things in weblin 2009

January 25, 2009

Virtual Worlds News posted a big story with a lot of new details what is coming up in weblin. Including graphic effects which will be visible for all users in a chatroom and furniture placing to create an individual living room atmosphere.

Further steps could lead to ressource collecting. Items found on websites would be used to craft or upgrade new special items.

Even if new items are available also for money soon – the service of weblin stays free and the activity point system will continue.

What effects or furniture you would like to see and own in weblin? Leave your comment here!

hello again in 2009 – toplins are back online

January 16, 2009

Did you know already that there is a “highscore table” at One month we disabled the overview for an updating process. But now it is back online in all its beauty!

By the way, the symbols next to the nicknames of the top weblins are indicating their activity points. You start with bronze medals, which turn to silver and gold while you become more experienced.

The next levels are bronze, silver and gold stars before you get a sapphire – which is at present the master level of any weblin’s life.

What would you like to see the after the sapphire? Are there any categories of toplins we should add? Just comment to this post!

Happy Holidays!

December 25, 2008

We wish you all Happy Holidays!

treasure – help

December 19, 2008

Maybe you have already been looking for our treasure chest, which was announced to appear during the Winter Holidays Event.

It’s easy to overlook the treasure when you’re on a website and if you don’t look very closely at the weblin avatars. The treasure chest is looking like in the picture above. A dark wooden chest with golden ornaments. The “character” name is “Treasure” in all languages! So if you see “Treasure” entering chatroom” in your chat window try to be quick and right-click on that object.

You’ll first have to “open” it and after the animation select “look” to get the loot window where you can take items out by clicking!

Note: The Treasure is dropping to random websites each time – so you can’t predict that it comes back to the same site again.

need your input – avatar categories

December 16, 2008

The most pre-defined avatars in weblin are human. You can also walk along the web as spider, dog or the painting of an old seaman if you want. Now we made a big 5-Minute-Brainstorming what could be the next groundshaking weblin avatar category (human or not human) – besides the concepts we already had in our drawers.

Let’s see what the irresistable new poll to the right side offers! Try out the brandnew multiple-choice option!

Tell us if you think we should better have taken more time to think what’s really missing in our avatar gallery – make your own suggestions!

follow weblin on facebook

December 15, 2008

Nearly everybody in the internet knows the name facebook. Sure there are hundreds of social network sites in the world wide web – but this one really had a global impact.

We decided to spread our news also on facebook among some fan groups and a weblin product site. If you have an account just become a fan and follow us.

Another account can be found at Twitter. Visit this URL and click follow if you’re already logged in. These infos are more lively than standard messages from our forum and can also be interesting to get help.

Do you have any ideas how we could offer more infos and updates in your favorite social network? Just leave a comment here!